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About Project Infinity

The University of Cincinnati Model Roller Coaster (UCMRC) is a fully operational 3D Printed model roller coaster designed to demonstrate the advanced safety features that industrial computer control systems bring to today’s modern theme park attractions. The goal is to create a fun interactive experience that showcases an application of STEM disciplines that is easily relatable to the general public. This will hopefully inspire the next generation of students to purse a career in stem fields or at the very least help people feel a little safer on their next roller coaster ride.


Using the latest technology from Rockwell Automation this system emulates the safety control system on real rides. With over 30 inductive proximity sensors the ride system can detect the position of each train and ensure safe separation is maintained. The system is also capable of detecting issues with components and notifying the operator before it becomes a safety hazard. 

Advanced Safety PLC Control System


Manufactured Using 3D Printers 

Additive manufacturing technologies were huge in the creation of this project. Not only was most of the project 3D printed but additive manufacturing allowed for incredibly fast prototyping. Mechanical problems were able to be solved in a matter of hours instead of days.

Multiple Software Modes to Expand Audience

Not everyone is a ride operator so multiple modes were programmed into the software to maximize the realistic ride operator experience or make the model so easy to operate a person with no idea what a roller coaster is could operate it.

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